Luonto ja ympäristö

Boreal Package



Saturday 17.8. at 9:00: Departure from parking lot of Tampere Univeristy (Kalevantie 4).
Sunday 18.8. at 14:00: Arrival in Tampere.


Teisko, 35 km from Tampere


Ways of the North course taken a notch further by including further camp crafts, learning about emergency shelters, a night spent camping in the woods using a Loue type open shelter and the Forest immersion package.
A course on the skills that help us thrive in the wilderness: clothing, setting up camp, safe use of basic tools, fire making using natural materials, cooking over an open fire, orienteering using a map and a compass, tracking, nature knowledge. After setting up camp we will cook our meal over an open fire and spend the night in Loue open shelters.
Includes transportation to location, gear, Forest immersion package, a traditional Finnish meal prepared over an open fire, snacks and breakfast on day 2. Please bring season-appropriate footwear and clothing. 

Course fee


Enrolment ends on July 26th, 2019

Markus Jokinen
There are available places on the course
17.8.2019 - 18.8.2019
Enrollment begins
1.4.2019 00:00
Enrollment ends
Course fee 200,00