Luonto ja ympäristö

Ways of the North


Departure from parking lot of Tampere University (Kalevantie 4) at 9:00, arrival in Tampere at 18:00.


Teisko, 35 km from Tampere


One-day course on the skills that help us thrive in the wilderness : clothing, setting up camp, safe use of basic tools, fire making using natural materials, cooking over an open fire, orienteering using a map and compass, tracking, nature knowledge…  

Includes traditional Finnish meal prepared over open fire, transportation to location and gear. Please bring season-appropriate footwear and clothing.

Course fee


Enrolment ends on July 26th, 2019

Markus Jokinen
There are available places on the course
3.8.2019 - 3.8.2019
Enrollment begins
1.4.2019 00:00
Enrollment ends
Course fee 130,00