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Ukrainian Elementary Course 1 (4 ECTS)

Scope (ECTS)



Online course 15.9.-15.12.2023 on Fridays at 16.30-19.45 (no class on 20.10.)

We will use Zoom and Moodle platforms on the course. To participate on the lessons, you will need a computer with an internet connection, a  micophone, and a camera. More information about Zoom and Moodle will be sent by email before the course begins.


Mariia Zhyhurt 

Target group

Ukrainian Elementary Course 1 is meant for people who have not studied Ukrainian previously or who have only a little basic knowledge of Ukrainian. Teaching will start of the alphabet (abetka).


Skill level A1 (on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR)

After the Ukrainian Elementary Course 1, students
•    can read and write the Cyrillic alphabet
•    can pronounce majority of the sounds of Ukrainian language
•    can use basic grammar structures
•    can use the language in simple everyday situations and run common errands
•    can read and write simple sentences
•    can ask and answer simple questions


The course offers a quick and effective acquisition of the basics of modern Ukrainian language. You will get to dive into language from the first lesson onwards. The aim is to reach basic skills in Ukrainian that can be used in everyday life.

On the course, you will learn to read and write in the Cyrillic alphabet and practise pronunciation. You will also learn basic grammar. During the course we will do listening and speaking exercises on every lesson.

After the course you will be able to introduce yourself and others, and ask simple questions about personal details such as where you live, what you do, etc. Interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is willing to help.

The course is taught in English and Ukrainian.

Modes of study

The course comprises 52 lessons (à 45 minutes) as well as independent work. The student workload of a 4 ECTS course is approximately 108 hours (including lessons and independent work). To  pass the course, participants need to attend the lessons regularly and be active, do homework and take the final exam, which will be evaluated on scale 0–5. To pass the course, students need to attend at least about 80 per cent of the lessons.

You can also participate in the course without taking the final exam, in which case you will not get a performance of the course and no ECTS.


Yuri I. Shevchuk: Beginner's Ukrainian with Interactive Online Workbook, 3rd Integrated edition, chapters 1–5

The book is not included in the course fee.

In addition there will be material provided by the teacher (via Moodle). You need also a notebook for practising the writing. 

See also

You can continue studying Ukrainian on Ukrainian Elementary Course 2 (4 ECTS). The course will start in January 2024.

Additional information

Course secretary Tuomas Kvist, tuomas.kvist(at), tel. / Whatsapp 040 163 3370
The office of Tampere Summer University,, tel. / Whatsapp 050 303 1178


The information published above is subject to change.


Mariia Zhyhurt

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15.9.2023 - 15.12.2023

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