Study opportunities

The Summer University of Tampere offers diverse eduation in various fields. Our primary teaching language is Finnish, but we offer a few courses for non-Finnish speakers, including Finnish language courses. Read more below, or continue to our Course programme.

Studying at the Summer University of Tampere

We offer Open University and Open University of Applied Sciences studies, as well as work-oriented courses, a wide variety of language courses, preparatory courses for Finnish upper secondary school students, and University of the Third Age lectures and courses. The course fees are the same for everyone. We also offer tailored courses for business and organisations.

Please note that the language of instruction is primarily Finnish, unless otherwise stated. For non-Finnish speakers, we offer Finnish language courses. Some of our other language courses are taught in English as well. If you have any questions, please contact the Summer University office before enrolling.

Modes of study

The course description gives detailed information concerning completing the course. These may include, for example, an exam, written exercises and essays, and regular attendance.