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Catch up days for body oriented psychotherapists

Torstaina 18.8.2022 klo 10.00-17.00 ja perjantaina 19.8. klo 9.00-16.00. Koulutus pidetään kesäyliopiston koulutustiloissa, os. Yliopistonkatu 60 A, 4. krs.

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This is a workshop for you, who have basic experience in body oriented psychotherapy and would like to expand it with new experiences and theories.

This workshop will focus on the helpers self care, how to pay attention and regulate  stressful moments, how to stay with uncertainty and deal with transference and counter transference in a creative way.

For everyone working in helping professions, taking care of others can sometimes be quite exhausting with the risk for burnout so in this workshop we will take care of and expand our resources.

During the days we will focus most of the time on supervision of clinical cases, eventually making experience in small groups. This time I will also introduce "trauma sensitive  mindfulness”  considering Mindfulness an important part in training and supervision.  

The spirit of the workshop is to develop our personal and professional competencies in body oriented psychotherapy  through personal and relational experiences.

Dress comfortably and bring yoga madrass with you and what you need to meditate.



The seminar will be held by Cecilia Waldekranz, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Clinical Transactional Analyst, Teacher and Supervisor in Body Orineted Psychotherapy. 



Cecilia Waldekranz

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18.8.2022 - 19.8.2022

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