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Life Skills - Introduction to NLP

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On Mondays 13.-27.3.2023, time 17.15-20.00 (Contact teaching)

Are you interested in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) but not sure what it is and how it could benefit you? During this intensive course you will learn the basics and get a chance to practice the central techniques and ways of working with NLP. 

Self-knowledge, relationships, and change

We concentrate on the key skills of NLP which help you understand yourself and others better and discover more resources to make your life happier and more positive. You will learn how to use visualization, change unsuccessful thinking styles, create new perspectives, and make your inner speech more supportive. Above all, you will find out why being in a resourceful and balanced inner state is so important. There will also be self-study material for reading and practicing at home.

NLP is used in various fields of life: education, coaching, social work, health care, therapy, business, and customer service. Anyone dealing with people and interested in their own well-being can gain huge benefits from it.

The programme consists of short presentations and first-hand experience of the methods. 

It also serves as an introduction to NLP in general by familiarizing the participants with resource anchoring, representational systems, well-formed outcomes, logical levels, rapport, and beliefs. 


1) Mental imagery and the importance of a positive inner state

2) Building rapport and exploring one’s own role 

3) Changing limiting beliefs and malfunctioning thinking models

Language level and extent

The course is suitable for anyone with level B1 English and above who is interested in self-development and NLP. No previous NLP experience is necessary.

Total budgeted workload is 14 hours. 


Soili Hämäläinen: MA, Certified NLP Trainer, Next Generation NLP Trainer,

Positive Psychology Practitioner, Adult Educator, EFL Teacher (CertIBET), Journalist


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13.3.2023 - 27.3.2023

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