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Study in English with us!

The majority of our courses are taught in Finnish, but we do offer some courses in English as well! For example, we offer several Finnish language courses throughout the year. In addition, we also offer a varying number of other courses where English is used as a language of tuition.

Please note that on some courses, you need to enrol on the course AND register as a student at an Open University. In some cases, the registration form is only available in Finnish, so if you do not speak Finnish at all, you might need some assistance with the registration. Please contact our office for more information.

Below you will find links to our studies and courses that are suitable for non-Finnish speakers:


Language courses:

Finnish language courses

Chinese Elementary Course II

Chinese Intermediate Course II

English: Business Communication

English: Society and State

English: Oral Skills

English: Englantia arkaileville

English: English for Life

Japanese: Japanese Elementary Course II

Japanese: Puhutaan japania II

French: Parler et débattre, le français à l’oral – ranskan puhekurssi

Swahili course


Open University studies:


Well-being and hobbies:

Getting Started on Chinese Health Qigong and Easy Taiji