Language courses for different needs – goal-oriented studying or relaxed learning

Language-learning can be an adventure! Diverse language skills will open doors to diverse worlds, phenomena, and cultures. Language skills are a must in the working life, and can separate you from the crowd when applying for a new job. In addition, studying languages improves your study skills, thinking, and memory.

Majority of our courses are taught in Finnish (and in the target language). For non-Finnish speakers we mainly offer Finnish language courses, but there are a few other language courses as well that are taught in English.

Studying languages at Summer University of Tampere is fun, useful, and offers positive challenges

We offer language courses in over 10 different languages, from elementary to advanced level. With us, you can study languages throughout the year, either intensively and target-orientedly, or in a more relaxed manner. You can start from the elementary level and proceed up to advanced level. Our courses are open for everyone.

Are you planning a vacation, or will you be traveling on business in the near future? Or perhaps you need to improve your language skills for new business contacts? If you and your colleagues or friends need to improve your skills in a language, contact us and we can tailor a language course to meet your needs.

The skill levels are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The starting level refers to the skills the participant will need to be able to benefit from the course. The skill levels and the course description should help you to choose a right course.

Enrolment and the course fee

Enrol on the courses on our website by the final enrolment day. The course fee and the final enrolment day are given on the course page. It may be possible to enrol even after the enrolment period has ended, if there are places available on the course. On each course page, you will find a link to the enrolment form. The course fee is paid online simultaneously with enrolment. If your employer pays the course fee, enter the billing information and we will send an invoice to your employer.

Enrolment instructions

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