Coronavirus information

Summer University office and all our classrooms will be closed from all visitors, students, and teachers between 18.3. and 13.5. (from March 18th to May 13th). All students will be contacted by email or via text message: you will receive more information about your course. Some of our courses will be held online, others will

Study with us in autumn!

Now is the time to start planning your autumn studies! We will offer several Finnish language courses on different levels, from beginner-level courses to courses meant for more advanced students. In addition, we also offer a few other language courses where the language of tuition is English. See our Course Programme for more information about

Summer courses

Study with us in summer 2019! We offer several Finnish language courses (Finnish as a second/foreign language). In addition, there are also a few other courses taught in English. More information:

Study with us in spring!

In spring 2019, we are offering several Finnish language courses on different levels. The majority of the courses start in January, and there is still time to enrol if you want to improve your Finnish language skills. In addition, we are also offering courses in other languages that are open for non-Finnish speakers  as well.

Autumn courses

The Summer University of Tampere will offer several Finnish language courses in autumn 2018. In addition, there are a few other language courses that taught in English and so open for non-Finnish speakers as well. The majority of the courses will start in September and last until November or December. Our autumn brochure will be

Our opening hours for the rest of the year

Most of the autumn courses have ended, and we are preparing for the spring semester. During Christmas, our office will be closed between December 25th – December 27th, 2017 and on January 1st, 2018. We will be open on all other weekdays. We at the Summer University of Tampere wish everyone Merry Christmas and a

Spring courses

The enrolment for our spring term courses is now open, and our spring term will start in January. For non Finnish-speakers, we offer several Finnish language courses. In addition, there are a few other language courses that are taught in English. Contact our office for more information!

Summer course programme published soon

We are currently planning our programme and schedules for summer 2018. Information will be updated constantly on our website (see Course programme), and the full programme will be ready in March 2018. Information about Finnish language courses held in summer will be available in February at the latest.