For Tampere University students

For Tampere University students

Tampere University degree student: study for free with us in summer 2020!


In summer 2020, from May onwards, Tampere University degree students are entitled to study on Summer University of Tampere courses for free. The right to study for free applies for Open University language courses and other Open University courses.


Majority of our courses are taught in Finnish, and you can find more information (in Finnish) here:


If you want to study in English, you can choose from the following courses:

Chinese Elementary Course I 5 ECTS (TAMK)

Chinese Elementary Course II 5 ECTS (TAMK)

Oral Skills in English (VY)

English: Preparatory Course Reading and Writing for Academic Purposes – KKENPRE1 2 ECTS (TAU)

English: Preparatory Course in Spoken Communication – KKENPRE2 2 ECTS (TAU)

Introduction to Academic English – KKENYHT 4 ECTS (TAU)

English: Professional Writing – KKENVAL9 2 ECTS (TAU)

Finnish Elementary Course 1 – KKSU1 3 ECTS (TAU)

Finnish Elementary Course 2 – KKSU2 2 ECTS (TAU)

Finnish Advanced Course 1 – KKSU5 4 ECTS (TAU)

Finnish Advanced Course 2 – KKSU6 4 ECTS (TAU)


Enrolment instructions:


If you are a Tampere University degree student, choose “Price for Tampere University degree students” on the enrolment form. Enter your student number in the field titled “Additional information for organizers”. We will check your right of study. Send your enrolment. We will send you more information about the course approximately 1-2 weeks before it is scheduled to start.

If you enrolled on a course but cannot attent it, please cancel your enrolment before the course begins by sending an email to our office (toimisto at

Have you already enrolled and paid the course fee?


Send an email to our office: toimisto [at] Please include your student number and your bank account number to the email. We will check your right of study and return the whole course fee to you.