Cross-Cultural Management (5 op) - JOHT3002 - syksy 2019




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Verkkotyöskentelyä Moodlessa vk 43-49. Kurssi avautuu 21.10.


Ausrine Silenskyte ja Sniazhana Sniazhko

Sisältö / Content: 

The subjects covered during the course include the role of culture and its impact on individuals, organizations and management; cultural differences and dimensions of culture; cross-cultural communication, negotiation and leadership. 

Oppimistavoite / Learning goals

By the end of this course students should have a more in-depth understanding of culture, more knowledge of cultural frameworks as well as practical experience of cultural encounters. The assignment’s objective is to increase students’ cross-cultural and interpersonal skills. Cross-Cultural Management course aims at developing students’ cross-cultural competencies for situations such as: working with foreigners, working abroad, working in international projects/teams, and dealing with workplace diversity. The course also supports students’ development of global mindset and encourage them to value diversity.

Suoritustapa ja arviointi / Learning tasks and evaluation

Written assignments, introduction video. All course assignments can be submitted in Finnish or English. You should have at least one of the course books at hand from the first week of the course.

This course is organized fully online. Since discussions and participative lectures are not present, the responsibility of a student is even bigger in reaching his/her learning goals. Student must reserve time for active reading of course book and searching for additional academic material and writing the assignments on time. Students should be familiar with the basic HRM vocabulary, and be able to follow the videolectures and read course material in English.

Opiskelumateriaali / Learning material

International dimensions of organizational behavior. Cengage Learning, by Nancy J. Adler, and Allison Gundersen, 2007.

Understanding Cross-Cultural Management, Pearson Education, by Marie-Joëlle Browaeys and Roger Price, 2011.

Cross-Cultural Management: Essential Concepts, Sage, by David Thomas, 2008.

You should have at least one of the course books at hand from the first week of the course.


Lisätietoja opinnoista saa koulutuspäällikkö Anu Urhemaalta p. 040 706 5606 ja koulutuskoordinaattori Vappu Saloselta p. 040 081 3717.

Sniazhana Sniazhko ja Ausrine Silenskyte
Paikkoja vapaana
21.10.2019 - 8.12.2019
Ilmoittautuminen alkaa
3.6.2019 00:00
Ilmoittautuminen päättyy
Opintopisteet 5
Osallistumismaksu 140,00