Do you want to be successful

◦ as an entrepreneur?
◦ as a sales & marketing personnel?
◦ as a student of marketing or international business?
◦ as a person who is in start-up business?


◦ someone who wants to have the basic knowledge about selling?


◦ someone who wants to be successful in life?


To be successful, of course, you have to work hard, you need to have passion for your job. Besides that, the key ingredient for success in life for all successful people are effectively engaged in individual or personal selling. Quite often in Finland, when you talked about personal selling, you may hear people say, ’I´m not a sales person, I don´t do selling’ or ’We don´t do selling in our culture!’ and etc.


In fact, individual or personal selling is NOT selling something or culturally related , it is actually a process of interacting or communicating with someone or groups of people to provide information or facts and figures that will influence in either on decision making or taking action.


Meet Tailee See, sales & marketing trainer, who has over 15+ years of experience in sales & marketing, cross boarder marketing, sales management and customer relations services. 4+ years in training and coaching. She is currently an independent trainer. As an experienced and passionate trainer in sales & marketing she will share with you her knowledge and experience on ’Do You Sell?’ to improve your skills in individual or personal selling.


Time and place

Mondays and wednesdays at 17.00-18.30 (no classes on 14.10. and 16.10.)

Tampere, more detailed information will be given later

Target group

Young entrepreneur, students of marketing, people in sales & marketing, people in start-up business and people who want to have basic knowledge about selling.


28 hours

Contents and schedule

Monday 23.9. at 17.00-18.30
Difference between selling and marketing
◦ The Role of selling in everyday life, in the economy and in organisations
◦ What are the opportunities available in the selling path


Wednesday 25.9. at 17.00-18.30
The importance of relationships building
◦ Understanding various types of relationships building


Monday 30.9. at 17.00-18.30
Why ethical behaviour is important
◦ How to determine different ethical decision in different situation


Wednesday 2.10. at 17.00-18.30
How to communicate effectively?
◦ What is proper etiquette in business?
◦ Practical exercises (classroom activity)


Monday 7.10. at 17.00-18.30
What makes customer tick?
◦ Types of customer in different environments


Wednesday 9.10. at 17.00-18.30
Identifying and qualifying customers
◦ 7 steps of selling process


Monday 21.10. at 17.00-18.30
Pre-approach in selling
◦ SMART objectives


Wednesday 23.10. at 17.00-18.30
The Approaches
◦ Types of approaches


Monday 28.10. at 17.00-18.30
How to deliver value in sales presentation
◦ 5 steps of successful presentation


Wednesday 30.10. at 17.00-18.30
Anticipating objections
◦ Understanding types of objections
◦ Obejctions to build a relationship
◦ Practical exercises (classroom activity)


Monday 4.11. at 17.00-18.30
Negotiating and closing deal
◦ Different types of closing deal
◦ Practical exercises (classroom activity)


Wednesday 6.11. at 17.00-18.30
The Importance of follow-up
◦ Ways of add value
◦ Feedback handling


Monday 11.11. at 17.00-18.30
Key elements on time management
◦ Resources for selling success


Wednesday 13.11. at 17.00-18.30
Understanding the opportunities and resources available
◦ Risk taking in change
◦ Motivations and reasons
◦ Lessons learned

Modes of study

Active listening and some group conversational activities in selling and customer service


Tailee See


Course fee


Enrollment ends on September 9th, 2019

Tailee See
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