Englanti: Talk at work – Let’s make it work!


21.–23.8.,  28.–29.8. ja 31.8.2017 klo 17.00–20.00


Tampereen yliopisto, Kanslerinrinne 1, Pinni B -rakennus (kartta)

21.–23.8. luentosali B3118
28.–29.8. ryhmätyöhuone B3113
31.8. ryhmätyöhuone B3114


Level B1–B2 and above


Do you need English in your work or would you like to? Would you want to have more courage to talk in English? Is communication at work sometimes difficult even in Finnish? Do the same problems seem to come up over and over again? Is it hard to understand colleagues, even if you speak the same native language? Is English as a common language (a lingua franca) a further challenge? This course could help you with those questions. The aim is to gain more trust in one’s own communication skills and become aware of some important aspects of human interaction in organisations. The course does not focus on grammar and vocabulary or correct language. The focus is on how to make use of all the language and communication skills in English (and Finnish) learnt so far, to get some new awareness and maybe to unlearn some ideas that are not useful. The teacher acts as a facilitator to help participants develop their communication skills as part of their own professional identity in a relaxed group atmosphere. The language of instruction is English, but Finnish can be used when needed.

Topics discussed and practiced in class include the following: dialogue, listening, misunderstanding, forgiveness and expressing emotions.

Teacher: Mirja Hämäläinen FK, Lecturer in English (University of Tampere), Organisation Expert (Metanoia Institute)


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Säännöllinen osallistuminen opetukseen.


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FK Mirja Hämäläinen
Paikkoja vapaana
21.8.2017 - 31.8.2017
Ilmoittautuminen alkaa
20.4.2017 00:00
Ilmoittautuminen päättyy
Osallistumismaksu 90,00

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